• Vision

Start-ap Center contributes to make Niš a regional center for the dynamic development of innovative technological entrepreneurship, international promotion of projects and companies in the region of South and East Serbia, as well as strengthening the global competitiveness of the entire Republic of Serbia.


  • Mission

Supporting the development of entrepreneurship, especially among young people and students, encouraging entrepreneurial ideas and establishing new companies, as well as fostering knowledge transfer in the commercialization of technological innovations and ideas and creating the epicenter of the future development of NTP Niš.


  • Goal

Creating conditions and construct an environment for the development of innovative start-up companies, as well as spin-of teams with the potential to grow into future residents of ELEF Lamela (ELLA) and NTP Niš, and thus to promote the growth of SME sector, employment and the prevention of brain drain, and the advancement of engineering education.